Other supplierinformation MPS-ProductProof
Certificates MPS-GAP MPS-GAP and GRASP
Certificates MPS Quality MPS-Quality
Quality mark MPS-ProductProof MPS-ProductProof
Positive inspection code quality illuminated
Pot size 12 cm
Minimum plant height including pot 25 cm
Min number of cuttings/plants per pot 1
Minimum number of flowers/inflorescences per pot 2
Transport height 40 cm
Pot shape ornamental pot
Pot colour red
Pot material ceramic
Cultivation method grown in pot
Cultivation medium potting soil
Wrapping material plastic
Extra additions plant passport
Country of origin (company) Netherlands
Edible / non edible not suitable for consumption
Hardiness zones (USDA Europe) Zone 11: > +4.4 °C
Certificates MPS ABC GlobalGap
Quality group A1
Theme days summer
Sales unit pro packaging unit

Packing configurations

DC 999 - Non-FH packaging 6×6×6
DC 236 - Normtray 6 gaats 12/13cm 6×6×6
EP 874 - Eurobox 40cm+2 normtrays 6×4×12