Bar code on pot 8713626246159
Certificates MPS-GAP MPS-GAP
Quality mark MPS-ProductProof MPS-ProductProof
Pot size 14 cm
Minimum plant height including pot 25 cm
Min number of cuttings/plants per pot 3
Maturity stage 2-3
Minimum number of flowers/inflorescences per pot 150
Transport height 40 cm
Packaging standard
Flower/berry/fruit color 1 blue
Pot shape growing pot
Pot colour terracotta
Pot material plastic
Plant shape double flowered
Wrapping material plastic
Form of wrapping bottom part open, top part perforated
Printing on wrapping, general transparent + open base
Extra additions plant label and plant passport
Country of origin (company) Netherlands
Product Label Pot label (grower)
Edible / non edible not suitable for consumption
Leaf colour green
Flower-/leafcolor pattern Unicolored
Other information pot plants clean pot
Certificates MPS ABC GlobalGap
Quality group A1
Delivery conditions delivery within 24 hours
Theme days autumn
Producer groups Decorum
Category Aster Showmaker

Packing configurations

DC 495 - Normpack 400series White/Coloured 6×5×7
DC 746 - Floratino 6 holes 6×4×6
DC 295 - Normpack 200series White/Coloured 6×6×4
SW 495 - Normpack 400series White/Coloured 5×8×7
EP 874 - Eurobox 40cm+2 normtrays 6×4×12


Consumptie Not suitable
Waterbehoefte Middelmatig water They are a bit thirsty in the sun than in a shady environment.
Standplaats outside The Showmakers® series is very suitable for use on the terrace or in the garden.
Lichtbehoefte Half zon/half schaduw They like a spot in the sun with a little shade every now and then.
Snoeien Snoeien Want to enjoy yourself for an extra long time? Then regularly pick the spent flowers from the plant
Wintervastheid Suitable The Aster can be called a hardy plant, as it can tolerate up to -10.