Bar code on pot 8718325000088
Pot size 10.5 cm
Minimum plant height 17.5 cm
Min number of cuttings/plants per pot 1
Maturity stage 2-2
Minimum number of flowers/inflorescences per pot 750
Transport height 30 cm
Packaging Standard
Flower/berry/fuit color 1 purple
Pot shape growing pot
Pot colour taupe
Pot material Post Consumer Recyclaat (PCR)
Plant shape spherical
Form of wrapping potcover
Extra additions plant passport
Country of origin (company) Netherlands
Product material mixed materials
Product Label Pot label (grower)
Edible / non edible not suitable for consumption
Leaf colour green
Flower-/leafcolor pattern Unicolored
Other information pot plants clean pot
MPS certification GlobalGap
Delivery conditions delivery within 24 hours
Theme days spring
Producer groups Decorum
Category Campanula

Packing configurations

DC 754 - Floratino 14 holes 8×4×14
DC 495 - Normpack 400series White/Coloured 8×5×10