Certificates MPS-GAP MPS-GAP
Pot size 16 cm
Minimum plant height including pot 45 cm
Maturity stage 1-5
Thickness 1
Minimum number of flowers/inflorescences per pot 5
Transport height 60 cm
Flower/berry/fruit color 1 orange
Pot shape ornamental pot
Pot colour orange
Pot material ceramic
Leaf colour purple
Other information pot plants clean pot
Possible application suitable for indoor use
Certificates MPS ABC MPS-A
Quality group A1
Delivery conditions delivery within 24 hours
Theme days Rentree-January
Producer groups Decorum
Added value Yes
Category Calathea Crocata

Packing configurations

DC 395 - Normpack 300series White/Coloured 4×4×6
DC 350 - Danish box 50cm 4×4×6
SW 395 - Normpack 300series White/Coloured 4×6×6
EP 376 - Eurobox 60cm 4×4×8


Waterbehoefte Middelmatig water Do not water the plant too much and allow the root ball to drain well after each time.
Voedingsbehoefte Middelmatig voeding Give the plant a low-calcium fertilizer once every 14 days during the growth period.
Standplaats Binnen The plant does not thrive in full sun, but it must be in a light and warm place, 20 degrees is ideal.
Consumptie Not suitable
Lichtbehoefte Indirecte zon
Wintervastheid Not suitable